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Dedicated Professionals


 Our highly trained telecommunicators work diligently to answer more than 670,000 telephone calls each year and provide dispatch services for over 450,000 calls for service. 

Each telecommunicator is certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch in Medical, Fire , and Police call-taking protocols.  CPR and IDACS certifications are also required for each team member.

 Many of our dispatchers continue their professional development with other training components along with required monthly continuing education.

Established in 2015


 Lake County Emergency Communications was created to meet the requirements of Indiana State Law requiring consolidation of 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). 

A brand new, state of the art facility was constructed along with a modern radio system. The new infrastructure supports emergency responders with cutting edge technologies that span 17 communities, unincorporated townships, and 42 public safety agencies.

Communities Proudly Served


  • City of Crown Point
  • Town of Dyer
  • City of East Chicago
  • City of Gary
  • Town of Griffith
  • City of Hammond
  • Town of Highland
  • City of Hobart
  • City of Lake Station
  • Town of Lowell
  • Town of Merrillville
  • Town of Munster
  • Town of New Chicago
  • Town of Schneider
  • Town of Shelby
  • Town of St John
  • City of Whiting
  • Town of Winfield
  • Unincorporated Lake County

priority dispatch System

What is it?

Priority Dispatch is a system that provides a standardized method for answering each call to identify the needs of each caller. The Priority Dispatch protocols identify critical information and prompt the dispatcher to ask the most important questions. These questions are logically ordered with scene safety prioritized and follow-up questions obtain essential information to identify the necessary resources for each situation.

Why so many questions?

The system allows each caller to receive accurate emergency response regardless of the nature of the problem or the dispatcher's experience.  Information gathered on the telephone is available to field responders so they arrive better prepared to deal with the emergency.

  • Questions DO NOT delay dispatch of police, fire, or EMS resources

How can it help?

Based on the information provided by the caller, the Priority Dispatch System helps dispatchers recognize specific, life-threatening situations such as choking, childbirth, airway arrest, and other emergencies. Our professional dispatchers provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step Pre-Arrival Instructions to the caller to support life until field responders arrive.  



911 Commission Meetings

9am - 10am

911 Emergency Operations Center/Large Conference Room

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911 Commission Meetings

911 Commission meetings take place quarterly in the Emergency Operations Center. Call 219-755-6510 to verify scheduled meetings.

9am - 10am

911 Emergency Operations Center/Large Conference Room